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We're taking a look back at the year that passed, and definitely looking forward to the year ahead...

As the year draws to a close with only one week remaining, we take great pleasure in reflecting on our accomplishments in the year that passed.

2019 marked many milestones for Harvestfresh Farms (Pty) Ltd, some of which include:

  • Newly expanded seedling operation on Willows Farm.
  • Large developments on Nala Farm.
  • Implementation of baby spinach project, with great results.
  • Addition of increased refrigeration space at packhouse’s receiving area.
  • Expansion of packhouse’s high-risk production area.
  • Addition of new multi-head packing machine in packhouse’s high-risk production area.
  • Exceptional progress in the planning of a new packing facility to be built in 2020.
  • New member of PMA (Produce Marketing Association).
  • Winner of “Most Improved Supplier” award at Pick N Pay.

In addition to the above, we reflect on other valuable things at the end of this prosperous year - specifically, our relationship with our loyal customers and clients.

Without you and your support, we’d have no reason to strive for continuous improvement. Our motto that ‘The customer is king’ rings as true today as it did 26 years ago when Harvestfresh Farms (Pty) Ltd was established, and it motivates us to strive for more successes and triumphs in the future.

Therefore, a big thank you from the entire Harvestfresh team. We hope that you have a blessed festive season, and we wish you a prosperous new year!