Due to the fact that Harvestfresh is a business that is dependent on the kind hand of Mother Nature, we remain aware of the impact that our farming operations have on the environment. Therefore, Harvestfresh is certified with Global G.A.P. This guides the company’s commitment to good agricultural practices. 

Furthermore, our farming practices are certified with Farming for the Future, which encourages the sustainability of natural resources within the environment.  

Food safety, hygiene and the health of each family is also a crucial element that enjoys top priority at Harvestfresh.  There is no compromise when it comes to the confidence and peace of mind of the consumers who enjoy our products.  Our FSSC 22000 certification ensures strict food safety and quality management, thereby ensuring that the health and quality needs of all consumers are met.

A high premium is placed on training for all relevant staff members. This training includes food safety and security skills, as well as quality control and assurance.

A summary of all certifications our company complies to, follows below:

  • FSSC 22000 
    • (Passed latest audit in November 2019.)
  • Global G.A.P.
  • Farming For The Future
  • B-BBEE – Level 8
  • Halaal Audit by SANHA
  • Intertek Audit - Witkop Facility
  • IBL Ethical Audit
  • Sedex Ethical Audit. 4 pillar SMETHA audit